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How to Remove a Column from a Table using Laravel Migrations

With this powerful feature, you can now quickly and easily remove any unwanted columns from your tables. This makes it easy to make changes to your database structure without the fear of losing data or breaking your application.

laravel 2023-02-02 04:53:06 Muhammad Zubair

How to pass multiple parameters in Laravel routes

Discover the secret to passing multiple parameters in Laravel routes like a pro! Learn the step-by-step guide with real-life examples and increase the functionality of your app. Read now

laravel 2023-02-02 04:07:50 Muhammad Zubair

How to create a basic CRUD application using React and Laravel

Get started with React and Laravel and create powerful applications. Learn how to build a basic CRUD application and take your skills to the next level. Click now to start.

react-js 2023-02-01 14:15:11 Muhammad Zubair

How to get data between two dates in laravel 9

Let see how can we get data between two dates in Laravel 9. Example if we want to show data only a give date mean start and end date we can implement by simple way. I will show example with code.

laravel 2022-11-22 11:10:58 Muhammad Zubair

How to install Font Awesome in laravel

How to install font awesome in laravel; font awesome is most important if you want to add icons to your website because font awesome is providing lots of free icons. I this tutorial we will see how to use font awesome in different ways like installing font awesome or using CDN of font awesome.

laravel 2022-10-12 15:33:18 Muhammad Zubair

Ecommerce Website in php with Source code

Ecommerce Website is developed by usng php as a back-end and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript used to design front-end. This project has a lot of features which are essential for a Ecommerce website. Simple mean user can access this website and check product with their category

php 2022-10-02 08:18:31 Muhammad Zubair

News Website in php with source code

A new website in PHP with source code is the main web for beginners to learn how to develop a news website here am sharing a complete news website or blogging website with source code.

php 2022-10-02 06:52:24 Muhammad Zubair

Currency Converter in python with source code

Currency Converter in python is developed by using Python which is a fully GUI application with the feature of converting one currency unit to another currency unit. This project also handles all type of exceptions.

python 2022-10-01 13:40:14 Muhammad Zubair

How to make Image Resizer in JavaScript

Image resizer in javascript is the most used project. We will cover all the points in this tutorial on how to make an image resizer in javascript. When we try to upload an image to any server time we saw a message to the image size is less or greater.

javascript 2022-10-01 04:09:15 Muhammad Zubair

HTML Form Elements List

The HTML form is an important element of any website. HTML form input have many types which explain information field. Here is the example <input type=”email” name=”email”> it give us a text box where user can write an email.

html 2022-09-27 09:05:58 Muhammad Zubair