How to show models data into blade file in laravel

How to show models data into blade file in laravel

How to show models data into blade file in laravel

Do you have any idea How to get records from a model on all view pages in Laravel? In this tutorial, I will show you a simple way to show data in blade files.

Typically in Laravel, we need to use controller and models to get record from a table of database to show data onto view files. today I will tell you the best way to call a model two all pages of a Laravel application.

For this functionality we need to perform some steps:

  • Step: 01 Open AppServiceProvider.php

  • Step: 02 Using View::share fucntion

  • Step: 03 Showing data in blade file

Step 1:

Open AppServiceProvider.php which is available in App/Providers/AppServicesProvider.php

Step 2:

We need to add some lines of code in AppServiceProvider file Boot() function to get data from table of customers to share on blade files. The code is given bellow:

 use App\Models\Customer; //here we are calling model which we want to use
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider 
public function boot() 
$customers = Customer::all();//here we can get multiple data or one record also random data 
View::share(['cu' =>$customers]); //here we are sharing data to blade files

Step 3:

If we want show multiple records so we need to use Foreach loop like:

@foreach($cu as $customer_show)

If we have a single we will show simply:




Thank You For reading Tutorial

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