News Website in php with source code

News Website in php with source code

A new website in PHP with source code is the main web for beginners to learn how to develop a news website here am sharing a complete news website or blogging website with source code.

This project is fully responsive and is developed by using CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap to develop the front-end of a news website. In this project, we use PHP on the server side.

This project has a lot of features a user makes a category, Update category, delete category and view category. Admin can see the status of website also manage complete website from admin panel. Admin can update website setting like website name website socials links logo and much more. Admin also manage posts he can update,read and delete a post also write a new post using awesome editor. Admin can check site latest status and also maintain it.

When user want to add a new post then he need a title which describe the post, Tags of post, select a category which also describe the post, author name, date of posting, image for post and main thing is content of post. Admin have an access to publish and draft a post and also a category. This website is fully responsive and attractive. Admin panel is simply designed and full responsive with all type of features. These features are working properly.

This project is basically designed like a WordPress blog site. All features are like WordPress website and admin panel. Its very simple to understand all the features of this project. Visiters can post comments on post by using their Facebook account.


This project contains a Homepage, Post category page, a Contact page, an About page, and a post view page.

If you want to run this project first install the Xampp server then download blog website source code free of cost.


Responsive Admin Panel

New Posting

News category

Draft and Publish

User Stats

Project Testing Procedure:

After installing Xampp and project download open Xampp Control panel and start Apache and MySql then follow the given steps:

  • Extract downloaded zip
  • Copy all files
  • Paste in Htdocs folder which is present in Xampp folder
  • Open the given link and create a new database with name newsportal http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  • Import the database which is given in the project folder
  • After database importing run your project http://localhost/stock news
  • For admin panel click on given link http://localhost/stock news/admin
  • Admin detail is gen in readme.txt file

Download Project


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