Library Management System in Java

Library Management System in Java

Library Management System in java

A library Managements system is one of the most useful systems where user can add new stock of books update them delete them and manage if a user wants a book then the library handler give him and take some information from the user to store which time he takes a book and also which time he will return it back. If a user return books after the due date they will pay a late fee.

About the Library Management system in Java

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Library Management System

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Desktop Application

Features of Library Management System

We covered many features in this library management system that are most useful.

User Login: This feature is clear after reading the feature name. This is the main part of this project because it provides security from attackers. Before access to the library management system, users and admins need to log in and perform different functions on it. The admin username and password are admin the first time when you try to run the project.


Admin dashboard: Admin dashboard where admin can see a list of books also users list. Admin can do anything with user account like update, delete and add new user. Admin also can manage books simple mean admin can add new books, update a book and delete a book.


User Menu: user menu or dashboard where he can which boot he taked and also see book return time. If he get some fines also show there.


Books View: After clicking on this option user can see books with detail like name of book price of book publisher of book subject of book author of book and many more things.


Members Data: This option will show the user and student data like what is the status of user simple mean user is active or not and also the which book he take and which book is time to return.


Add New User: When admin want to add a new user then he can simply click on add user there he can find a form after filling submit and then user will be added in list. Then admin can check user in the user list where he can manage users.


Books Issue: If a user want to issue a book then click on issue book where he will get a form to fill detail about and user then click on submit to issue book.


Book Issue Detail: if user want to check issue book detail then simple click on issued book where he can check which book is issued and also check how much time is left to return book.

Book Return: If a user want to return book he need to move in return book option where he need to put data of book and returning book date if he return book on the time he will see a message book is returned of he return book after returning date then he will see a message with fine..


New Book add: If user want to add new book in the stock he will move in the add new book form where he will fill the form with the book detail like book name book genre book publisher book price and many more detail.


More Features of the library management system

As we discuss many features of the library management system some more features are explained here user can generate receipt of all features like user detail, books return detail and much more.

User friendly system where user can easily find book which he want and checkbooks detail also update his own information in system.

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