Ecommerce Website in php with Source code

Ecommerce Website in php with Source code

An ecommerce Website is developed by using PHP as a back-end and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript are used to design the front-end. This project has a lot of features which are essential for a Ecommerce website. Simple mean user can access this website and check product with their category. User can select a product and add into cart and buy it online. Other hand admin can manage all stock, view orders, manage orders, check daily weekly and monthly sales. Admin can add new products update old products and manage the stock of products. Admin can add new category of product and manage all category.
A user can post a review of a products.

Admin can control full website also update some pages like about, contact and more. Admin can manage user those who are registered on the system. When admin try to add new product he need to fill the form with the data of product like  product name, product price, product stock, product colors, products images, product gallery and much more.

This project is basically designed like a WordPress eCommerce site. All features are like WordPress website and admin panel. Its very simple to understand all the features of this project. Visiters can post review on product.

This project contains a Homepage, product page, a Contact page, an About page, and a product view page,and cart page, and checkout page, an login and register page, order track page and much more.
If you want to run this project first install the Xampp server then download Ecommerce website source code free of cost.

Responsive Admin Panel
product Posting
product category
Draft and Publish
User Stats
Check Out
Product Review
Online Buy
Sales reports
Add, Edit, Delete, Publish and Draft Products
Paypal Payment Method for checkout
Admin can Manage Users

Project Testing Procedure:
After installing Xampp and project download open Xampp Control panel and start Apache and MySql then follow the given steps:
    • Extract the downloaded zip
    • Copy all files
    • Paste in htdocs folder which is present in Xampp folder
    • Open the given link and create a new database with the name ecomm http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
    • Import the database which is given in the project folder
    • After database importing run your project http://localhost/ecommerce
    • For admin panel click on given link http://localhost/ecommerce/admin
    • Admin detail is gen in readme.txt file


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